Sam Keller

Launching a new API for Medicare
aug 23, 2017
A blog post I wrote on Nava's blog about our work launching a new API for Medicare ...
Django Model Managers
nov 08, 2016
Model Managers (and custom QuerySets) might be one of the best kept secrets about Django. They're well documented (see: Django Documentation) and Shawn Inman gave an awesome presentation about them at DjangoCon 2016 (some of which I'm going to cover here!), and yet I still feel like I just don't hear as much about them as I should ...
My git log
may 15, 2016
I suppose if I'm going to have my own website with a section for a blog, I should probably put something in that blog from time to time.

I'm a big fan of git and specifically of using it on the command line. So, I thought I'd share a quick tip on the options I use for git log to get a sense of a repository's history from the command line. There are a lot of options for git log, and plenty of other people on the internet sharing what they use to spruce up git log, but I thought I'd share what I do. ...